Pokemon Trainer Girls! is a Pokemon series created by Alivia Champ. The series centers on a 13-year-old girl and her friends training to become the Pokemon champion.


A girl is starting her first year at PokeAcademy, so that she could become the Pokemon champion along with her friends.



  • Aiko Fujita - The main protagonist. Aiko is a lovable and optimistic young girl who loves Pokemon and wants to be the Pokemon champion.
  • Etsuko Abe - The intelligent one. Etsuko is a shy, but intelligent young girl who often gets embarrassed of having a fighting-type Pokemon.
  • Akane Himura - The wise one. Akane is a not-so-energetic girl who knows a lot about Pokemon trainers.
  • Akemi Akiyama - The beautiful one. Akemi is a bright girl who, like Aiko, wants to be the Pokemon champion